The Vietnam War taught us a lot about the harmful effects of community exclusion and stigma that service members face when they return. While the exclusion may not be intentional, they can still harm and interfere with a veteran’s trauma recovery and transition to civilian life.

Numerous studies show that if veterans with PTSD and depression feel like outsiders, they struggle to understand and work on their post-deployment struggles. Some common causes behind this include service members experiencing low levels of recognition and empathy for their traumatic experiences.



To help service members for a positive transition from combat to home, the civilians must come together to support military members and their families. Here are a few ways you can assist them with a better post-deployment transition.

Acknowledge Their Efforts

Whether it’s a distant relative, friend, or neighbor, acknowledging the people who have been deployed goes a long way in reassuring the service members that their struggles aren’t in vain.

Steer clear of sympathy as that could be counterproductive and opt for gratitude instead. Instead of saying, “I’m sorry,” go for “Thank you” as encouraging words can help them more.

Publicize Discounts If Your Business Has Any

Although service members and veterans are never looking for handouts, offering discounts, deals, and a percentage off their purchase is another way to express gratitude.

But don’t just sit on those discounts while you wait for veterans to walk through your doors. Publicize it by posting about it online or setting up a sign right outside your doors. Not only does this spread love and appreciation, but it will also allow more service members veterans to find out about the discount and avail it.

Give a Military Spouse a Hand

If you know any deployed military families, try to do something nice for the family and spouse of the deployed service member. These individuals also make tremendous sacrifices to support their deployed family member, so any acts of kindness you can do for them can be of great help.

You can offer to babysit, mow their lawn, pick up their kid from school, or any other small gestures of kindness.

Make Charitable Donations to Make a Difference

Charities support service members and veterans with education, counseling, training, and financial assistance that helps them through the post-deployment transition.

If you’re unable to volunteer your time to the service members, you can donate to an organization that’s helping them through charitable donations.

If you’re looking for organizations that help veterans to donate to military families, get in touch with We Are One Inc.

The organization has a military assistance program that provides financial help to veterans and emergency assistance for military families in San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties in Southern California.

You can make individual donations and corporate donations to our organization to help stabilize the lives of countless service members and their families.

Find out more about our military support organization in Los Angeles and donate to military families by getting in touch with us at 949.988.0077.