Acts of Kindness—Financial Aid in Southern California

At some point in most people’s lives, they are both in a position where they could use a helping hand as well as in a situation where they can extend one to someone in need. We Are One Inc. wants to bring people together where these two points meet through our acts of kindness. Whether we are collecting care packages for the military, providing shelter for abused individuals, or assisting with financial aid in Southern California, we are in the position to help and want to do just that.

Take a look below to read some of the stories from military personnel who were helped by acts of kindness. Contact us if you would like to share your story.

Food for the Holidays

Joining the military seemed like the best solution for this solider. He was single and wanted to serve his country, rebuild his life, pay off his debts, and go to school. Within a year of joining, he was well on his way. He had a new sense of purpose, got married, and adopted his spouse’s two children. Unfortunately, even with two incomes, he realized that his family was still living paycheck to paycheck.

Life was hard, and it only seemed to get harder during the holidays. There wasn’t even enough money to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Thankfully, a local grocery store extended their hand of kindness to struggling military families, which allowed his family to enjoy an impressive meal that fed them for days. Thrilled and grateful for that unexpected and generous gift, it showed him why he was serving our great country and made him proud to do so.

Clothing for Newborns

Life was good for this individual as she and her husband looked forward to the birth of their first-born. As the time grew closer for her to deliver her baby boy, however, health complications meant she could no longer work. As with life, she and her husband quickly found themselves incurring a few unexpected expenses, and soon it became clear that they needed help, especially with a newborn on the way.

The military provides a lot for military families, but this help can only do so much. Quickly this young family found that raising and caring for a newborn is very expensive, especially when you only want the best for your son. The stress of worrying about not having enough food, diapers, or other things for their child was becoming unbearable. A helping hand finally came in the form of a nonprofit that assists military families. After a quick financial assessment, this qualified family was able to receive financial aid and clothing donations until the wife was able to get back to work.

Financial Aid for Emergency Travel

Barely getting by as a single solider, this individual finally hit their wits-end when their uncle passed away, and they were not able to afford a plane ticket to attend his funeral. They checked with several programs to see if anyone was willing to cover the ticket price, but unfortunately was rejected because the uncle was not considered part of the immediate family—even though he had helped raise the individual and played a significant role in getting them to join the service. The thought of not being able to pay their final respect to him weighed heavily.

A retired veteran of a friend heard this story and knew there was something he could do. He bought the ticket for the solder so they could go home for the funeral. The veteran asked to remain anonymous, but the solider still asked their friend to let him know how thankful they were for his kindness. Since then, the solider has tried to pay it forward and help fellow soldiers whenever possible.

Shelter – Domestic Abuse

Returning from a second deployment within 18 months was complicated for this soldier. The reintegration into the new family dynamics created a stressful situation that yielded no middle ground. As tensions escalated, physical and verbal violence eventually erupted through. The spouse was unwilling to call command for assistance out of fear of running the soldier’s career.

Instead, they called the local domestic abuse shelter, which took in the spouse and children. The shelter provided a roof, food, and clothing, as well as allowed for the situation to remain private. Eventually, the solider and the spouse reunited. With the help of the shelter’s staff, they received marital counseling, and the family was back on track for a healthy, loving life together.

Care Packages – Remote Locations

Life while on deployment can be tough, especially if you find yourself living in a hole or a makeshift structure in the middle of the desert with minimal contact with the outside world. While you can become used to living like this, there is still something affirming about receiving a care package from people back home.

It can feel like Christmas in July when a solider on the frontlines receives a care package from a group of supporters. It may not seem like a big deal to those sending it, but when you are out there, away from home, it means the world. It is like receiving a touch of home, reminding the solider about what they have to look forward too and what they are fighting for.

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