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Military Spouse: Strength and Resiliency

There is no surprise that as part of military families, military spouses have to endure challenges that shake up their lives. According to the Department of Defense, there are approximately 1 million military spouses. Around 92% of them are females, and about 8% are men. Many Military spouses find it hard to adjust to the new way of life, letting go of things not in their control as they begin their journey as military spouses. Life becomes even harder when there is the added responsibility of being a military mom or dad,who is the only adultto raise the children. Military spouses take on different roles in their lifetime. They are teachers, financial planners,culinary specialists, homemakers, loving parents,and much more. Many of them sacrifice their career to keep their family unittogether. They fill in critical job roles in the government, hospitals, and in their local communities. Many military spouses volunteer as coaches, in local schools/churches, as Key Spouses, in base services, and peer support roles. America’s military spouses are the backbone of the families who support our armed forces during the mission, deployment, reintegration and reset. Lots of patience and restraint is required to be a military spouse. Strength and resilience are the two essential traits that military spouses must possess to preserve normalcy and emerge as empowered men and women. Pros and Cons of Being a Military Wife Being a military wife is hard. You have to share your [...]

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Single Parents in the Military

A military lifestyle comes with many challenges for military families. The most common struggle is family separation due to deployment and training. Nothing hurts more than seeing a parent and child being separated. Deployed service members leave behind a partner and a family, which includes children in many cases. Young children need the care of their parents to grow and thrive. Sometimes, a service member is separated from their child, leaving the child in the care of another parent or a designated caregiver. The real challenge comes when the military member is a single parent. In this blog, we’ll talk about the struggles of single parents in the military, what they face, and how we can help them cope better. Single Parents in the Military – Facts Around 8% of the entire military population accounts for single military parents. Although the U.S. Army does not allow single parents to enlist, there are approximately 37,000 single parents in the military, and about 8,300 of them are deployed far away from their children. Most of these soldiers have become single after they enlisted in the Army due to divorce, separation, or death of their partner. In many cases, if a single parent wants to join the Army, they need to renounce their child’s custody before joining. The U.S. Army does accommodate the needs of single military parents, but only to some extent. Many still try hard to make ends meet for [...]

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Making a Difference in Military Lives

The United States Military is established on the core values of honor and integrity. These values define how military service members live their lives and approach duties without any complaints. They are the true heroes, resilient in the face of challenges, who put their lives on the line for our beloved country. Understanding military families is as important as understanding a military service member. Even though one or two members are enlisted, the military is an active part of every family member’s life. They have to move from place to place very often and start over with a new job, new schools for the kids, new houses, new neighborhoods, and new experiences altogether. The stress that all these experiences carry is unimaginable. These families try to live their lives with hope every passing day, unsure of what tomorrow will bring for them. Making a difference in military lives is the duty of every civilian in the United States. These families live with a lot of uncertainties, and as civilians, it is our job to make sure that they receive the assistance that they require. Challenges Faced by Military Families Military families face a lot of challenges that are much different than what their civilian counterparts face. They suffer from separation anxiety when a family member is deployed. Frequent moves due to different geographic assignments are also an added stress for the family, especially young children who find it hard [...]

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Feeding Our Heroes

The U.S Military and their families are true American heroes who risk their lives and well-being just so the rest of us can sleep peacefully at night. Much like any other American, they deserve the right to live a healthy lifestyle. It is our duty as civilians to support military families and ensure that they get the assistance they need. Food insecurity in military families is a real problem that affects the livelihood of our service members. It is our job to help them improve their lives, strengthening the community and their ability to keep us safe and sound. Food Insecurity in Military Families Food insecurity is defined by the USDA as the lack of inconsistent access to enough food to live a healthy, active life. This condition is prevalent in many military families. According to the Military Family Advisory Network, 15.3% of military service members have trouble getting enough food for themselves and their family members. Food insecurity can be of two types—chronic and momentary. As the name suggests, chronic food insecurity is when a family is constantly struggling each month to put food on the table, whereas momentary food insecurity is when the family is secure only for a limited period of time. Military families that face food insecurity also suffer a number of other problems that take a toll on their mental and physical health and make it difficult for them to lead a happy life. [...]

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Giving Back to Our Heroes – The U.S. Military Family Support

We are sure most of us have seen a soldier bidding farewell to his devastated family in movies or TV shows. Some of you might have also experienced that in reality, if your loved one, or even you, have ever been deployed. The effects of deployments on military families present a lot of challenges for them. In addition to the fear of losing a loved one, military families also have to live through the trauma presented by financial hardships and added family responsibilities. Even though many organizations provide military family support programs, there are still a lot of gaps that need to be filled for a military family to cope with a plethora of issues successfully. What are the Effects of Deployment on Military Families? Different members of the family experience mixed feelings when their loved one is deployed.Children experience the absence of a parent, which is very likely to take a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Parents might experience the fear of losing their child at war. Other elders of the family, like husbands, wives, or partners, may experience the feeling of being unloved, fearing for their partner’s safety, and feeling overwhelmed by their family’s situation. Most importantly, military families may also suffer from financial difficulties. Though the circumstances make the family more responsible, they also add to their burdens since now there are fewer elders around to take care of the entire family. Mental Health [...]

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