Sending off your loved one to far-off lands to serve and protect your country is not an easy task. Soldiers are widely acknowledged and appreciated for being brave enough to come face-to-face with death on a daily basis to serve their country. We should equally praise military families for putting up a brave front in times of financial and emotional crises.

This blog sheds light on some of the most common challenges that military personals and families face when serving the country that they so dearly love.

Financial Stress

While military families have an allegiance to serve their country, they also need a roof over their heads and food on their table. Military personnel are paid less than employees in the private sector.

CNBC reports that military families find it challenging to manage their utility bills and save for retirement on a limited military income. These families regard financial stress as an even bigger challenge than deployment.

Low military income makes it difficult for military personnel to set up a retirement savings plan

Deployment Challenges

American military personnel are deployed to fight the War on Terror in 80 different countries. The deployment comes with its own set of challenges. Military personnel continuously worry about their families back home while their families are concerned for them. Moreover, soldiers miss out on their parenting and other family responsibilities.

Caring for co-servicemen and handling difficult situations on their own is an equally overwhelming challenge for most military personnel.

Mental Stress for Military Families

Military spouses and children are equally at risk of developing mental stress from deployment. Spouses can experience marital issues due to deployment, and children experience many of their first moments without their parent. This creates emotional distress amongst military family members and affects their day-to-day lives.

Military family members, especially children often experience mental health problems

Multiple studies on deployment conclude that military family members experience financial stress, child maltreatment, domestic violence, and higher suicide rates.

Isolation from Family and Friends

Deployment to far-off regions can create a feeling of isolation within military personnel. While being away from their family results in mental conditions such as depression and even substance abuse. This affects their performance and leads to a decline in their mental as well as physical health.

How Can Fellow Citizens Help Military Families?

You can provide financial help for veterans by donating to military families through a trusted veteran non-profit organization. At We Are One, Inc., we ensure that your donations reach military families going through financial crises.

You can donate to military families at our website here or join our volunteer ship program to serve veterans who once served our country!