As citizens of the United States, you should know how difficult it can get for military service members and their families to navigate through the challenges in life. These challenges come about as a result of insufficient provision of resources and assistance. Even though the government provides help to military families, it is simply not enough.


We Are One’s 2020 military family awareness and fundraising raising campaign will explore the many challenges facing military families in hope of creating long-term improvements to enhance the health and welfare of service members. The theme for our August Campaign is “Clothing For Military Families,” under which we aim to collect and provide clothing items and clothing gift certificates to military families to help close this existing resource gap.


Military families face food insecurity, financial hardships, mental health issues, and intimate partner violence amongst several other problems that life throws at them. According to the Military Family Advisory Network, 27.4% of current, serving military families, 49.2% of veterans, and 22.2% of retired military service members have less than $500 in emergency savings or no emergency funds at all.


Military families, especially those with children, find it hard to fulfill basic needs, such as clothing. 44% of serving military families encounters financial stress that presents a danger to their physical and mental well being. The UCLA Loneliness Scale measured that military service members suffering from financial stress were lonelier since they have little to no resources to go out and be social. It is their right as human beings to get access to proper clothing and shelter and enjoy the very freedom they provide to us. We must pledge to help them tackle these issues.

Clothing Needs  Problems Military Families Face 

One of the main aims of military charities should be to fulfill the clothing needs of military families. On occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Prom, most military children make their way to thrift shops and charities to find some nice clothes for themselves.


Military parents who have young children find it hard to invest in clothing frequently. With a newborn, it becomes even more challenging to keep buying new clothes and diapers every month as the child grows.  A military family we know recently went through such a situation with their first newborn child. The mother could not go to work due to health complications, and soon, she started incurring a lot of expenses. They reached out to military support non-profits and qualified for financial assistance. They received clothing donations for their newborn and monetary help to assist them in getting through the tough times. Military families need someone to turn to and that someone can be us!

Donating Clothes to Military Families 

 Every time you clean out your closet and make room for your newest pieces, consider donating your old clothing items to military families. Clean clothes, with no stains, holes, or odor, can surely help someone else in need. Sort your clothes into categories or according to age groups and pack them nicely in cardboard boxes. Label them and deliver them to your nearest charity, request a pickup, or hand them over to a military family you know. The smile on their faces will make all the hassle worth it!

Donating to We Are One! Incorporation, CA. 

We Are One! Incorporation, CA, has risen to the occasion to help military families in Southern California. We need your help to collect $3,000 in financial assistance, $4,000 worth of care packages, $3,000 worth of clothing gift certificates, and $3,000 worth of food gift certificates for military families this year.

Please visit our website,, to learn more and make a donation today!

If you wish to volunteer, kindly reach out to us via our website. The more volunteers we have, the higher the number of military families we will serve. If you are unable to volunteer, you can actively mail us your clothing items or donate to our campaign and help us spread smiles throughout our military community.  

Pledge today to support our national heroes who fight against all the odds for our safety, so they never have to worry about basic necessities.