We are sure most of us have seen a soldier bidding farewell to his devastated family in movies or TV shows. Some of you might have also experienced that in reality, if your loved one, or even you, have ever been deployed.

The effects of deployments on military families present a lot of challenges for them. In addition to the fear of losing a loved one, military families also have to live through the trauma presented by financial hardships and added family responsibilities.

Even though many organizations provide military family support programs, there are still a lot of gaps that need to be filled for a military family to cope with a plethora of issues successfully.

What are the Effects of Deployment on Military Families?

Different members of the family experience mixed feelings when their loved one is deployed.Children experience the absence of a parent, which is very likely to take a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Parents might experience the fear of losing their child at war.

Other elders of the family, like husbands, wives, or partners, may experience the feeling of being unloved, fearing for their partner’s safety, and feeling overwhelmed by their family’s situation.

Most importantly, military families may also suffer from financial difficulties. Though the circumstances make the family more responsible, they also add to their burdens since now there are fewer elders around to take care of the entire family.

Mental Health Issues Amongst Military Families

Most military families also experience mental health issues. Feelings such as anxiety, depression, overwhelming fear, and anger are imminent in families dealing with these circumstances.

Post-war trauma is also real. Many military service members experience this feeling when they return from war. What they have seen during the war and the experiences they have haunts them, and many require mental health counseling to get better.

There are numerous behavioral changes in children as well, especially the young ones. More than 2 million American children have a parent deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq. These children may experience changes in school performance, anger issues, and high levels of sadness.

How You Can Play Your Part with WE ARE ONE Incorporation

With assistance from the Armed Forces and many local businesses, we, at WE ARE ONE Incorporation, CA.,  are working to bridge the gaps between support providers and military families. We aim to provide emergency assistance for military families in Southern California during their time of need in the form of food, clothing, care packages, and financial aid.

Military service members are our heroes, and we must serve the people who risk their lives to protect us.Hence, we have created a military family support program. Join us in boosting the morale of military families in the United States and play your part in giving back to them for the eternal sacrifices they make for us.

If you want to join hands with us, log on to weareoneca.org to donate, or if you are a small business that wants to offer your services or products, get in touch with us via our website today.

Military families seeking assistance may complete the request for assistance form on our website, or they may call us at (949) 988-0077, or send us an email at info@weareoneca.org.