On the 4th of July, 1776, the second continental congress, under the leadership of General George Washington, defeated the British Military, which secured the independence of the then 13 colonies. The role of the Military in America gaining its independence is often forgotten. This Independence Day 2021, let’s take some time out between feasts and fireworks to honor the military service members, Veterans, and their families. Their sacrifices and heroism are the reason why we are enjoying our freedom.

The Efforts of the U.S. Military in Gaining Independence

The U.S Military had stood firmly on its feet for the past 244 years when our Founding Fathers first declared independence to preserve our freedom. America’s Military has helped the country celebrate Independence Day during times of peace and war.

Each Independence Day is a reminder of how the U.S Military meets the defense needs of our country. America’s sons and daughters continue to carry the same patriotism and ideals as their Founding Fathers as they serve in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria to protect us.

Independence Day 2021 is an opportunity for us to reflect on our Military’s efforts and thank active military service members, Veterans their families for their bravery, service, and patriotism.

How to Honor Military Service Members, Veterans and their Families on the 4th of July

1. Visit or Call Any Veterans or Active Military Service Members You Know

The 4th of July weekend is a good chance for you to invite any active service members or aging Veterans over for a meal. They are not only fighting battles on the field but also within themselves, so making them a part of your celebrations will help them feel less lonely. If you can’t invite them over, call them and say hello. Make sure they know you care about them.

2. Share Your Thoughts on Social Media

Letting your friends and family know what’s on your mind can open up new and meaningful conversations – the kind of conversations that we all should be having. Try writing a few sentences on social media about what Independence Day means to you and encourage others to do the same.

3. Reflect and Say Thank You

As you stare up in wonder at the bursting fireworks and take in the aroma from your BBQ grill, please take a moment to reflect on how the Military’s efforts allow us to live peaceful lives. Show gratitude as it can help you keep perspective as you go on with your busy schedule.

4. Donate to Military Causes Such As We Are One!

The best thing you can do to honor military service members, Veterans, and their families is to donate to a noble cause such as We Are One! We Are One! is a non-profit organization that collects monetary donations and clothes and non-perishables for military communities in SoCal.

To donate to We Are One!, visit  https://www.weareoneca.org/donations/ and make your contribution. Any amount is highly appreciated!  You can also send us clothing items and non-perishables to PO Box 976, Sunset Beach, CA 90742. Call us at (949) 988-0077 for more information.

Have a Happy Independence Day 2021!