Memorial Day is usually celebrated each year with flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, and other large group activities to honor the nation’s fallen military heroes. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country has found the need to look for alternative ways to honor those who died for this country and commemorate their sacrifices.

While this may not be the best time to hold large congregational gatherings, we at We Are One! want to encourage people to come together in other ways to pay tribute to our military heroes. Since most of us can’t get together and celebrate Memorial Day 2021 traditionally, we can come together digitally and pay tribute by carrying out some small act of kindness in the military community.

How You Can Celebrate Memorial Day 2021

This Memorial Day, instead of attending a large gathering, we all should encourage people around us to find ways to stay home and honor service members in whatever way they can. Instead of spending days and nights thinking about ways to make a difference, we all should take a moment to reflect on what this holiday really means and how we can contribute.

The best way to show your support is by carrying out small acts of kindness in the military community. If you know a military family that could use your help, offer it to them. You can go to the store and buy groceries for them or go to a hospital and sing to nurses, doctors, and patients. You can even make handmade masks and distribute them in the military community so everyone can stay protected from the COVID-19 virus! Another way for you to pay tribute to America’s fallen heroes is to encourage other people to come together and direct their acts of kindness toward military service members, families, and Veterans.

With so many people isolated, it is pretty challenging for military members who may be depressed or anxious. Simply checking in with them or helping service members in the community is also an act of kindness. Post it to social media with a hashtag and make it reach other people so you can create a real impact and simultaneously helping a military member in need.

Play Your Part – Donate to Sustain Military Lives

This Memorial Day 2021, We Are One! aims to ensure that every military service member, family member, and Veteran is fully equipped at all times to lead a healthy life. Our campaigns are focused on supporting community-based catalysts for social change to help military families in the SoCal community. We request you help us heal military families and Veterans and honor their ultimate sacrifices this Memorial Day weekend.

To donate to this noble cause, head over to our website today and help active duty and veteran families overcome financial hardships!  If you belong to a military family and require help, please reach out to us via our website and apply for assistance right away.