There is no surprise that as part of military families, military spouses have to endure challenges that shake up their lives. According to the Department of Defense, there are approximately 1 million military spouses. Around 92% of them are females, and about 8% are men. Many Military spouses find it hard to adjust to the new way of life, letting go of things not in their control as they begin their journey as military spouses. Life becomes even harder when there is the added responsibility of being a military mom or dad,who is the only adultto raise the children.

Military spouses take on different roles in their lifetime. They are teachers, financial planners,culinary specialists, homemakers, loving parents,and much more. Many of them sacrifice their career to keep their family unittogether. They fill in critical job roles in the government, hospitals, and in their local communities. Many military spouses volunteer as coaches, in local schools/churches, as Key Spouses, in base services, and peer support roles. America’s military spouses are the backbone of the families who support our armed forces during the mission, deployment, reintegration and reset.

Lots of patience and restraint is required to be a military spouse. Strength and resilience are the two essential traits that military spouses must possess to preserve normalcy and emerge as empowered men and women.

Pros and Cons of Being a Military Wife

Being a military wife is hard. You have to share your partner with a demanding entity called duty, whenever it calls. You may feel like your partner is a bigamist, married to both you and their work. Your patience and sense of responsibility can help you overcome the challenges and emerge as a healthy human being.

The Pros

1. You Get to Feel Proud

Military spouses get the chance to see their partners sacrificing their happiness and putting their lives at risk every day to protect their beloved country. They feel rewarded seeing their military spouse truly happy with what they are doing. It instills a sense of pride in their entire family. Children grow up respecting their military parents and being proud that they belong to a family that has dedicated itself to saving the country and its prosperity.

2. You Get the Opportunity to Travel

Throughout their partner’s time in the military, military spouses get the chance to travel with them to see the world and live in different countries. If your partner is stationed in Korea, you can go to China and see the Great Wall. You might not find a chance to visit from the United States to China, but flying from Korea is easier. Even though traveling makes life harder since you have to move around a lot, it also gives you a chance to explore the world while your partner saves lives.

3. You Get Discounts on Activities and Hiring Perks

Being a military spouse brings in a lot of perks. You get travel discounts, discounts at Disneyworld, and other recreational places and get the best deal on groceries without paying any tax. Additionally, you also get hiring preferences if you apply for jobs in the government and many educational opportunities and scholarships designed primarily for military spouses, such as the U.S. Army Spouse Education Assistance Program.

The Cons

1. You Have to Face Deployment

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a military spouse is living life in the absence of your partner. Military service members can be called in at any time on short notice to any part of the world, causing their partners to develop separation anxiety, especially during the first deployment. The first deployment is the hardest because, as a military wife, you have never experienced it before, and you do not know whether or not you will be able to cope with the challenges. If your spouse is in a war zone, the fear of losing them can cause additional stress on your mental and physical health.

2. You Are Likely to Have a Disturbed Social Life

If you are a military spouse living in a country that is not your home, you can identify with this. Military spouses find it hard to adjust to a new place where they do not understand the culture or speak the native language. Being separated from family can also cause psychological issues, such as chronic loneliness and depression.

3. Your Career Might Be At Stake

Another problematic challenge military spouses face is choosing between their careers and being a spouse. If you want to stay with your military partner, you might have to give up your job to relocate from place to place almost every three years. Hardly any employer will hire you if you can only work for three years. In some areas, laws may prohibit military spouses from working.

Empowering Military Spouses

Military spouses are angels, fighting hard battles every day, alone in most cases. It is our duty as patriots to build them up and give them the courage to emerge as powerful human beings. Here are some ways in which we can empower military spouses:

  • Be patient and empathetic
  • Help them find a community to fit in to tackle loneliness
  • Stand up for them when you see them being subjected to any injustices
  • Volunteer to help their families get the assistance they need
  • Make your surroundings a safe place for them
  • Train them to acquire newskills

Your Top Powers as a Military Spouse

  1. You get your work done quickly! You know how to take care of the kids, manage the home, and work your job. You can organize your tasks successfully.
  2. You can’t be stopped! You have a determination to overcome any obstacles that come your way. You have always found a way to push forward, surviving relocations and deployments alike.
  3. You know how to solve problems! You try your best to turn any challenge into an opportunity to thrive. You have learned to make sacrifices if that’s what it takes to resolve problems.
  4. You are the ultimate multitasker! From moving communities to managing the household and getting children settled in the schools, you have done it all successfully. You have the skills of a multitasker who can do anything!
  5. You can adapt to all situations! One of your top powers is that you can change your life’s direction according to your family and the military’s needs, recalibrating when the circumstances change.

Thank you!

“Thank you to all Military Spouses for your uncommon devotion and selflessness!”

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