Thanksgiving season is just around the corner! As we spend time preparing for the holiday feasts, let us take some time to reflect on what we are thankful for. In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, let us all show gratitude for all the big and little things that we are blessed with in life. After all, Thanksgiving is all about recognizing your blessings and wishing good upon the people you love.

Join hands with us as we recall the things to be thankful for this year and for a lifetime to come. We Are One! Incorporation Is Thankful For…

America, the Greatest Country on the Planet

It’s about time we all realize that being an American is a blessing. As we beam on this national holiday, let’s show gratitude for living freely in this country. America is a land where we all are free to practice our religions, eat whatever we want, dress however we want to, work in any profession of choice, marry whomever we wish, and watch, read, say and hear whatever we want.

America is the Land of Justice that provides equal rights to every individual. So, let’s be grateful this Thanksgiving season for being in this great country and pray for our beloved nation’s prosperity.

Military Heroes Who Put Their Lives on the Line

No amount of gratitude is enough for military heroes who start and end their day by serving us. The number of sacrifices they make for us is uncountable. They live an inconsistent life, deploying far away from their loved ones without fearing the loss of life and limb. They miss holidays, birthdays and special family occasions.

We understand our military service members’ humble and selfless nature who have and continue to fight to protect our country each day they see the morning light. So, our military heroes— we are eternally thankful to you for your sacrifices and undying efforts. You show us what it really means to be Americans, and because of your courage and bravery, we can sleep peacefully at night. Thank you for doing what you do each day for us! We are proud of you!

Service Families that Sacrifice their Loved Ones

To the families of military service members and veterans— your resilience and strength are unmatchable! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your sincere contributions to the United States Military. Thank you for sacrificing your loved ones to serve the country.

We promise to raise a voice for all your concerns and will forever continue our efforts to ensure that you and your family members lead a healthy and secure life.

Supporters, Donors, and Non-Profit Organizations Serving Military Families

Without the support of our donors, volunteers, and non-profit organization, we would not have been able to help our military families. To all those who have and continue to provide their assistance to military families: a big thank you to you for your generosity. Thank you for bringing smiles to the faces of our military heroes and their families each day. Your kindness and efforts are highly appreciated.

Celebrate Thanksgiving Season in Full Spirit!

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the blessings given to us in life. So, as you sit down at the table for a wholesome Thanksgiving dinner, take a moment, and show gratitude for all that you have.

If you want to show your appreciation by helping others or want to share your blessings, you can be a part of We Are One! Incorporation, CA‘s Holiday Fundraising Campaign. We are collecting monetary donations and non-perishable food items for military families to show our gratitude.

To donate, visit our website today or send non-perishables and clothes to PO Box 976, Sunset Beach, CA 90742.

To those unable to donate because of the financial impacts of COVID-19: we understand your situation and hope you can be a part of our future endeavors.

Remember to keep yourself and your family members safe during the holiday season by following the COVID-19 safety precautions. We wish you all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!